The whole thing teems with body horror imagery, and Leong laces her Mondrian blocks of color with rough, scaly textures that will make you want to itch the hard-to-reach segments of your back. Outstanding Artist Eddie Campbell, Alec: The Years Have Pants (A Life-Sized Omnibus) (Top Shelf Productions) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Masterpiece Comics, R. Sikoryak (Drawn & Quarterly) Outstanding Graphic Novel Market Day, James Sturm (Drawn &…, Outstanding Artist Nate Powell, Swallow Me Whole (Top Shelf) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Kramer’s Ergot #7, ed. INDEPENDENT COMICS UNLIMITED. Tiny Fox Press is headed up by four writers/editors you can get to know from their About Us page.They’re only looking for YA and adult novels, and if you’re looking to submit chick-lit, romance, mystery, or thriller books, look elsewhere. Small Press Expo Announces Our Second Group of Special Guests: Jules Feiffer, Aminder Dhaliwal, Ngozi Ukazu, Molly Ostertag, Matthew Thurber, David Small and Dash Shaw for SPX 2018! If you don’t hold the tiller, someone else will grab it. There you go. The lottery will remain open until the stroke of midnight on February 26th, whence the gates of fate will close once more. Pope explores the idea of black excellence to address how blackness is criminal in America, and the work is as inventive as it is vital. Small Press Expo Announces Special Guests Roz Chast, Derf, Ellen Forney, Ron Wimberly, Anders Nilsen, Rina Ayuyang and Lawrence Lindell for SPX 2018. We’re amazed at how much the show has…, Small Press Expo Announces Alt-Weekly Guests Keith Knight, Shannon Wheeler and Derf   For Immediate Release Contact: Warren Bernard                                                  Phone: 301-537-4615                                                  E-Mail: Bethesda, Maryland; August 20, 2014 – This year marks the…, Small Press Expo Sponsors Gene Luen Yang, Liza Donnelly and Bryan Lee O’Malley at the National Book Festival Bethesda, Maryland; August 25, 2014  Media Release ­— For the second year in a row, the Small Press…, Small Press Expo Announces 2014 Ignatz Award Nominees For Immediate Release Contact: Eden Miller Email: Bethesda, Maryland; August 18, 2014 Media Release ­— The Small Press Expo the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent…, Small Press Expo Announces 20th Anniversary International Guests Simon Hanselman, Aisha Franz, Yvan Alagbé, Dominique Goblet, Mana Neyestani, Daniel Jiménez Quiroz, and More! SPX is pleased to announce a series of comic book making workshops, featuring hands-on instruction from some of the most talented makers of independent comics. Dan Nadel had a chat with SPX Executive Director Warren Bernard about our new Library of Congress Collection. The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, at the Bethesda North…, Small Press Expo Announces Chris Ware, Sylvia Nickerson, Simon Hanselmann, Richie Pope, Jessica Abel and Scott Morse as Special Guests for 2019. The Comic Bug #24 $ 0.99 – $ 3.99. SPX is continuing the festival's established tradition of rich, thought-provoking programming featuring leading comics artists and critics in conversation. Sort By: Show: GUNG HO SEXY BEAST #1 CVR A DANIEL CLARKE (MR) NOV200952 - The return of Gung-Ho! Small Press Expo Announces International Special Guests: Julie Doucet, Emma Ríos, Max de Radiguès, Liv Strömquist, Jérémie Royer, Fiona Smyth, and Kelly Kwang for SPX 2018! Special thanks to Washington City Paper and Mike Rhode for naming us Washington D.C.'s best comics convention! Many of her panels are GIFs, slight ad infinitum movements that captivate and intrigue, and many of her pages make full use of the infinite canvas afforded by the web. 64 talking about this. Writer/Artist: Cathy G. Johnson Publisher: Czap Books & Grindstone Comics. Characters feel uncomfortably close to one another and that tension remains palpable. SPX is pleased to announce that comic book making workshops, featuring hands-on instruction from some of the most talented makers of independent comics. Sammy Harkham (Buenaventura) Outstanding Graphic Novel Acme Novelty Library #19, Chris Ware (Drawn & Quarterly) Outstanding Story “Willy,”…, Outstanding Artist Laura Park, Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream (self-published) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Papercutter #7, edited by Greg Means (Tugboat Press) Outstanding Graphic Novel Skim, Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki (Groundwood Books) Outstanding…, Outstanding Artist Jaime Hernandez, Love & Rockets (Fantagraphics Books) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Curses by Kevin Huizenga (Drawn & Quarterly) Outstanding Graphic Novel Don't Go Where I Can't Follow by Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)…, Outstanding Artist Tony Millionaire, Billy Hazelnuts (Fantagraphics Books) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Black Hole by Charles Burns (Pantheon) Outstanding Graphic Novel Tricked by Alex Robinson (Top Shelf Productions) Outstanding Story Ganges #1 by Kevin Huizenga…, Outstanding Artist David B., Epileptic (Pantheon), Babel (Drawn & Quarterly) Outstanding Anthology or Collection Diary Of A Mosquito Abatement Man by John Porcellino (La Mano) Outstanding Graphic Novel Persepolis 2: The Story Of A Return…, Outstanding Artist Craig Thompson, Blankets (Top Shelf Productions) Oustanding GN or Collection Blankets, Craig Thompson (Top Shelf Productions) Outstanding Story "Glenn Ganges", Drawn and Quarterly Showcase Book 1, Kevin Huizenga (Drawn and Quarterly) Promising New…, Outstanding Artist: Jason Little, Shutterbug Follies (Doubleday Graphic Novels) Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection: Three Fingers, Rich Koslowski (Top Shelf Productions) Outstanding Story: Fleep, Jason Shiga (Sparkplug Comic Books) Promising New Talent: Derek Kirk Kim,…, Outstanding Artist: Megan Kelso, Artichoke Tales #1, Non #5 (Highwater Books and Red Ink Press) Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection: The Golem's Mighty Swing, James Sturm (Drawn & Quarterly) Outstanding Story: Trenches, Scott Mills (Top…, The EXPO, North America's premier showcase for alternative and small-press cartoonists and publishers, was scheduled this year for Sept. 14-15 in Bethesda, Md., but was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons + 7 more. Willumsen was asked not to render Wolverine in certain sex positions, and the artist illustrates all the verboten images with a loose, direct style. Simply shutting off the press machine when the timer beeps (or your phone alarm) and leaving the comic book inside the press machine, left alone and un-touched for a minimum of 12 hours. Writer/Artist: Richie Pope Self-Published. This, of course, is a subversion of the expectations created by the title, and its three authors finesse that space. While you're waiting for Small Press Expo, celebrate the show's 25th anniversary with these additional events in the Washington, D.C., area. 16. Both Mouly and Tomine will be making their first SPX appearances this year and are in addition to the previously announced…. Because she avoids her subject, the narration takes on a poetic quality, a commentary on the emotional necessity of art, on the importance of artifice. He had a copy of Marc Bell's The Mojo Action Companion Unit #1. Held in Columbus, Ohio, The Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, or SPACE or S.P.A.C.E., is an annual convention in Columbus, Ohio, United States, for alternative comics, minicomics, and webcomics. Brian Baynes, Ryan Holmberg + 2 more. Raina Telgemeier, Box Brown, Eleanor Davis, Ed Piskor, Emily Carroll and Jaime Hernandez Announced as Special Guests for SPX 2019, Small Press Expo Announces Kickstarter Sponsorship for SPX Exhibitors and Ignatz Awards, SPX Announces GoFundMe to “Defend The 11”, Small Press Expo Establishes Legal Aid Fund for Cartoonists With $20,000 Donation, Small Press Expo Announces 2018 Ignatz Award Nominees, Small Press Expo Announces the Allegany County Library and the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County as the 2018 Recipients of the SPX Graphic Novel Gift Program, Small Press Expo Announces Programming Schedule for SPX 2018.